The Confidence Monitor survey was first established in 2014 to monitor the confidence levels of dental professionals in the future of NHS dentistry. Since then it has evolved to focus on a much wider range of issues across both NHS and private dentistry including:


Insights Panel Discussion

Eddie Crouch, Chris Groombridge, Rory O'Connor, Simon Thackeray, Bethany Rushworth
and Duncan Thomas, came together to discuss the results of the survey, what they reveal about the current feelings within the profession and what they mean for the future.

Eddie Crouch

Chris Groombridge

Rory O'Connor

Simon Thackeray

Bethany Rushworth

Duncan Thomas

Eddie Crouch talks about the contract reform programme

Is dentists' mental health at risk?

84% of NHS dentists believe their current role has negatively affected their mental health, 51% of private dentists said the same. 

Do you feel that your current role has had an effect on your mental health?


of all dentists surveyed said that they were unconfident about which organisation to turn to for support if they were feeling overly stressed or worried about their mental health.


4% of predominantly NHS respondents
and 5% of all private dentists chose not to answer.

Survey respondent

Uncertainty about the future

84% of dentists with NHS involvement say they are not confident in their knowledge of the proposed new NHS contract, however 61% of dentists think it will be more work and 73% think it will decrease their profitability.

From what you know about the proposed new NHS contract, how do you think your profitability and workload will be affected?


Very confident



Very unconfident

How confident are you in your knowledge of the proposed new contract?


For each question about profitability and workload, there was a fourth option of 'don't know'.

19% of respondents answered ‘don’t know’ to profitability
21% of respondents answered ‘don’t know’ to workload

Simon Thackeray | Practice owner

Lack of confidence in the GDC

Less than 10% of all dentists were confident that the GDC would handle a complaint about them appropriately.

How confident are you that the GDC would handle any complaint against you appropriately?


Predominantly NHS dentists

Predominantly & 100% private dentists

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